I really like Figma


I've used many different design apps in my time - all the way back to ancient Aldus, Macromedia and Adobe stuff to the new prototyping options like Invision and Sketch. But Figma is by far my preferred design app. It does everything so well, so fast and so seamlessly. It's a pleasure to work with. You could say I'm a bit in love ;-)

Figma runs in your browser! And it's faster than desktop apps. You can open your project in any browser to collaborate with your team members as well as download their electron app if you prefer. All this is made possible by their usage of web assembly instead of just regular Javascript.

Next time your team is looking around for a way to create prototypes and designs for interfaces I highly recommend checking it out (it's free for up to 2 collaborators).

I like the interface, I like the technology, I like the ubiquity and I like the pricing model!

Here's hoping Figma can keep going in this positive direction!